About Us

Grace Life Care is a medically focused care management practice founded by a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience in the care of older adults.

We are a team of medical professionals who share core values of grace, optimism and authenticity along with a strong desire to serve, and improve the lives of others, during their most vulnerable times.

We are members of the Aging Life Care Association and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics which guides our practice in challenging situations. We collaborate with one another to draw upon each other’s expertise.

As an Aging Life Care™ Managers we: Gracefully guide elders, and their family caregivers, through the complexities of the aging process by providing empathy to their challenges, clarity to their options and optimism to promote and support their best quality of life as their needs evolve.

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Our Founder

Kerry Davis, RN BSN CMC CDP

Founder of Grace Life Care, Inc. 

Aging Life Care Professional | Care Manager 

Kerry started her nursing career at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1989 and went on to receive exceptional training in the fields of Neurosurgery, Oncology and Palliative Care.

While raising her family on the South Shore, Kerry gained further experience in home care and hospice and was the Resident Care Director in a local assisted living community, overseeing the clinical operations and development of a memory care unit.

In 2008, Kerry returned to Mass General where she was mentored by experts in the field of Geriatric Care Management. She learned to advocate for elders and navigate complex health systems while meeting expectations of discerning clients.  She became a Certified Care Manager in 2011 and is an Advanced Professional member of the Aging Life Care Association as well as a Certified Dementia Practitioner. While at Mass General, she also served on the Optimum Care (Ethics) Committee, helping to establish goals of care while bringing conflicting sides to agreement, in difficult situations of advanced illness.

Kerry retired from MGH in 2018 and founded Grace Life Care. She is grateful for opportunities to work with families during challenging times. She is skilled at assessing complex issues, thoughtfully solving problems and compassionately guiding caregivers on the journey of elder care while helping her clients achieve their best possible quality of life.

                              Kerry with her mother, Barbara, on Mother’s Day 2018.

“I’ve learned so much from this beautiful lady who has always inspired me to reach further and given me the confidence to know I can accomplish all that I set out to do. She taught me everything I needed to know about being the best nurse I can be… caring deeply for people, setting priorities and how to get things done!”

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Our Team

Maureen Costa, RN BSN

Thoughtful Engagement Specialist 

Maureen Costa joins Grace Life Care with over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. Much of her experience involves working with elders in their homes as well as other various settings.

In Aging Services, Maureen assisted elder clients with oversight of their care providers in order that they could remain safely at home for as long as possible. She coordinated care for residents in a private Hospice home striving to allow each person along with their family to determine their best end of life care. Careful listening and resourcefulness with a touch of creativity allowed her success in these roles.

Maureen truly appreciates the wisdom and insights offered to her by elders throughout her nursing career and considers it a privilege to be of service to them.

Undoubtedly, being the seventh child in a family of nine raised here in Plymouth taught her the value of teamwork. Together with her spouse, she raised two sons and is welcoming a grandchild soon!

Jill Labdon OTR/L

Care Manager 

Jill joins Grace Life Care with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry as an occupational therapist.  She has been fortunate to have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living communities and the home environment.

Jill understands the importance of maintaining quality of life and dignity throughout the lifespan and finds great joy in assisting the aging population to live their best life.  The skills she has acquired through her years of training provide knowledge and a unique perspective on the importance of adapting the environment to meet an individual’s needs.

Her objective is always to promote health and independence throughout the continuum of care and meet client’s needs with compassion. She is a problem solver who knows how to look at the whole picture and develop solutions that are effective and meaningful to all involved.  She considers it an honor to be allowed into her client’s lives and to have the opportunity to help them thrive at whatever stage of life they are in.

Jill has lived on Cape Cod for 20 years. She lives with her husband, 2 teenage daughters and 4-year-old yellow lab Crosby.  In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and friends and loves to spend time in the mountains as well as the beach.

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A note from Kerry

In researching the symbolism of the starfish, I learned that it has many similar meanings across cultures throughout time. For example, Native Americans see it as a symbol of “strength and longevity with the ability to regenerate”, Romans viewed the five points to represent “physical wholeness”, and in Christianity, a starfish is seen as a symbol for “calm over troubled waters”.

These seem to tie together my philosophies in caring for older adults with respect to their strength and resilience. It is always my hope to gently guide elders through a difficult time by listening to what is important to them and implementing a plan to help them feel whole again.

The Starfish parable is also a reminder to me of the strength and patience we must have when advocating and caring for each individual elder with whom we have the privilege of working with.

One day, an old man was walking along a beach filled with thousands of starfish that had been washed ashore by the high tide. As he walked, he came upon a young girl who was eagerly throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one.

 Puzzled, the man looked at the girl and asked what she was doing. Without looking up from her task, the girls simply replied, “I am saving these starfish, Sir”.

The old man chuckled aloud, “My dear, there are thousands of starfish and only one of you. What difference can you make?”

The girl picked up a starfish, gently tossed it into the water and turned to the man and said, “I made a difference to that one!”

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