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As Aging Life Care™ Managers, our top priority at Grace Life Care is to help older adults live as independently as possible while still being safe and secure.

We tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your needs. To do this, our service begins with an assessment to determine personal strengths and areas where extra support might be helpful.

We look at the whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit. We discuss personal priorities and preferences. We also look at social and financial resources to create a full and realistic picture of what is possible.

Then we work with you to create a plan. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

Give us a call at 508-888-2898. Let us help you!

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Comprehensive assessment with recommendations

Is your loved one experiencing challenges with a medical diagnosis, mobility or cognitive changes? Are there safety concerns in their living environment? Are they unable to shop, prepare meals, or manage their medications? Oftentimes, families can become overwhelmed with changes that occur over time and find it challenging to know where to begin, and may find that their suggestions are met with resistance. A care manager can help to provide an objective view of the situation. We start with a full assessment of the elder and their environment. Then we identify areas that are challenging for the elder and seek to clarify what their goals are. We then provide some recommendations and strategies to implement. We can help you to carry out those interventions and provide ongoing oversight if needed.

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“There’s no place like home.” Most older adults prefer to stay in the home they are in. With proper supports in place, this is a fantastic option. Let us help you assess current and likely future needs. We can evaluate the home for safety and suggest age-friendly changes. In addition, we can review local services to help you determine eligibility for state, national and local programs.

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Medication reconciliation and ongoing management

Assuring that your loved one is taking medications as prescribed by their doctor is essential to effectively managing their care.

There are many opportunities for things to go awry. Multiple doctors, poor organization, and automatic pharmacy refills of discontinued prescriptions are common reasons for medication regimens to have errors. Patients often misinterpret adverse reactions, discontinue taking them if they are feeling better or if co-pays are too high.

As experienced nurses, we can reconcile medication lists, assuring they are in line with what is prescribed and provide ongoing education to ensure adherence to regimens. We can accurately address adverse reactions and communicate with the physicians for alternatives. We can prefill weekly planners and utilize reminder systems.

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Manage and prevent crises

It’s scary to get a call that your parent is in the emergency room. Decisions may have to be made quickly. You may have to drop everything and travel to get to the hospital.

We can help! As Aging Life Care Managers, we know hospital procedures and can advocate to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible, care that aligns with their values and priorities.

When it’s time for discharge, you may be asked to find a rehab facility on short notice. We know the local facilities. Let us help you choose the one that is best for your situation and smooth the path for an easy transfer.

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the medical system, you are not alone! It can be daunting for anyone. We help you clarify questions, and make sure you get answers. We lobby with providers for the type of care you wish to receive. We can help you simplify medications when appropriate, and be sure treatments are in line with personalized goals of care. Because we understand the system, we can go to bat for you as knowledgeable, effective advocates.

In terms of prevention, you may be worried about safety issues in the home. Perhaps a loved one has dementia and is in danger of causing a fire because they forget to turn off the stove. Maybe there are trip-and-fall hazards around the house. You don’t want your relative to break a hip and lose their independence! With a thorough assessment, we can identify potential problems and provide solutions so you don’t get that call from the hospital ER.

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Prepare emergency paperwork

If there was a sudden need to go to the Emergency Room, do you have all the papers you need to get the emergency team quickly up to speed? Has a health care decision-maker been chosen? Do you have an advance directive in place? Or on the financial side, has a durable power of attorney been designated to handle money matters? What is the plan if managing the checkbook and paying bills becomes too much? Has a will and or trust been established to distribute assets upon passing? We can help you organize your paperwork. And if needed, give you referrals to reputable attorneys, accountants, bill payers and other administrative support professionals. There’s a lot to keep organized in the journey of aging!

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Home from the hospital

If your loved one is discharged following an unplanned hospitalization, there are many issues to address as they transition home. We can help to assure medications are obtained and new regimens are followed. We can coordinate and attend follow up medical appointments while relaying important information back to you. We can also coordinate and oversee any additional care that may be needed in the home to prevent a readmission to the hospital.

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Address memory loss

If you have a relative or loved one with memory loss, there are numerous challenges to face. In the early stages, balancing the need for independence with the need for safety. In the middle stages, coping with emotional outbursts, wandering and irrational behavior. And in the later stages, addressing difficulties with communicating and basic personal care needs. Through all of this we can help you strategize for support that does not leave you feeling stressed and depleted. From communication tips and strategies, to referrals to a care setting best suited to your loved one’s personality and resources, let us be your guide.

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Telephone | video consultations

If you are not sure if you need ongoing care management services, but just have some questions to review and learn about strategies, we offer consultations to meet with you to discuss your concerns.

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