For attorneys

As an attorney, your expertise is the law. But sometimes your clients need an objective assessment of a different nature.

Perhaps there is concern about cognitive impairment, or disagreements among family members about an elder’s ability to live independently.

As an Aging Life Care™ Manager, we can assist you by bringing our expertise to the table. We can help you by providing guidance for those difficult familial and emotional situations.

Give us a call when you need:

  • Expert evaluations and visitor reports required for court documentation.
  • Recommendations for appropriate care options (e.g., in home, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities).
  • Coordination of services from multiple providers.
  • Knowledgeable advocacy with physicians, hospitals, facilities and insurers.
  • On-going care management in collaboration with a legal guardian or conservator.
  • Facilitation of family meetings and communication with long-distance relatives.
  • Quick response to urgent situations.
  • Professional, objective yet caring assessments can help you increase client satisfaction and untangle tense family situations. Let’s talk! 508-888-2898.